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Most homeowners want to find ways to reduce the cost of running a house hold, especially when it comes to their homes utility bills.Well there is no shortage of ways to reduce energy consumption and lower home electrical bill. Having an airtight home can help to stop energy AKA heat leaks around windows, doors, pipes, and ductwork supply vents. Homeowners will also enjoy the benefit of maintaining a set interior temperature. Using a programmable thermostat to roll back the temperature during the time you’re out of the house could significantly cut the costs for heating and cooling your home. Although, you might not realize that your air ducts also play a significant role in the overall homes energy efficiency. Just as a good dryer vent cleaning can ensure that your clothes dryer operates at peak efficiency, regular residential air duct cleaning can help you to conserve energy and reduce your costs, not to mention improving interior air quality. Here are just a few ways in which air duct cleaning makes your HVAC system more efficient. Blocked Vents Think about what happens when you fail to dust and vacuum your home. Over time, dust, dirt, dander, and other detritus begins to build up on surfaces. You can see visible particulates gathering on surfaces in as little as just a few days. When was the last time you had a professional clean your ducts? Never? Just imagine all the collected dust that is been building up in them over the years that you’ve lived in your home. Servicing your furnace and AC unit regularly and replacing filters can go a long way toward maintaining clean ducts. However, filters can’t catch everything. In addition, failing to check your vents could mean families of rodents may have taken up residence over time, building nests and leaving messes. These conditions can even cause health concerns. They can also have a negative impact on energy efficiency as you place higher demand on your system to push air through and meet your heating and cooling needs. Regular vent cleaning can eliminate such concerns and improve efficiency. Leaks Ductwork is built to last, but over time fittings can deteriorate. This breakdown can lead to spots where your bought air leaks into the walls and crawl spaces in your home instead of making it to your living spaces. This will cause you to crank up the air in order to maintain your desired temperature, wasting energy and air in the process. Other Issues When you hire professional technicians to clean your air ducts regularly, they may notice issues like moisture or mold in the air duct. These signs may indicate your ducts have inadequate insulation. With properly insulated ducts you can greatly reduce energy needs and lower your homes utility bills at the same time.